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Thorburn Funeral Directors

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Why Choose Us

Our Funeral Director’s Kenny and Steven have a genuine interest in people and also a genuine interest in providing the very best compassionate and personal service to the people who suffer a bereavement.

Kenny and Steven have lived in the area all of their lives, providing a local knowledge of funeral services in mid and upper Annandale, based in Lochmaben and covering Lockerbie, Moffat and surrounding areas, they are well known and they are trusted.

The passing of a family member is a very personal matter and when we suffer a bereavement, the course of our daily lives is altered, sometimes very suddenly and may never be quite the same again. It is in the first few hours, or days following the shock of a bereavement that the help of a trusted and understanding funeral director can be invaluable and a great source of comfort to the family.

Kenny and Steven have now a wealth of experience and education in assisting bereaved families, they want to help in the best possible way and make the experience of a loved one passing and arranging their funeral as uncomplicated as they possibly can.
T: 01387 810263 (24Hr)